Episode 4Edit

"Don't Stare at Me Like That..." is the 4th episode in Mayo Chiki!


Kinjirō begins a cheerful, for once, morning with the start of the Golden Week holiday and Kureha gone to club camp for three days. Just as he prepares to have breakfast someone rings the doorbell. To his surprise he finds Subaru dressed up in cat girl gear and carrying luggage, asking him if she could stay with him. He receives a call from Kanade who explains that Subaru had been kicked out of the mansion and she needs a place to stay. Kinjirō agrees to let her stay and Subaru, grateful for this, decides to be be his butler for the duration of her stay. Kinjirō takes a bath only for her to come in insisting that, as his butler, she should wash his back. However, midway through Kureha ends up returning, due to her getting her arm broken after she fought a bear, causing a brief misunderstanding when she sees Subaru's female undergarments in the wash basket. Afterwards, Kanade also arrives stating that she has also decided to live with Kinjirō as his maid. After she and Subaru have a brief competition on who is the better servant, Kinjirō suddenly passes out from a cold much to Kureha and Subaru's distress (where it is revealed that Kinjirō and Kureha's father and Subaru's mother both died from an illness). After Subaru attempts to treat him with several questionable cures, Kanade finally explains the situation; taking Kinjirō to the river it is revealed that Kinjiro's father Nagare has also been sent away due to a fight he had with Subaru about what happened at the pool. At first Subaru refuses to return to the mansion, stating that she was his butler and it was her job to take care of him, fearful that she might lose him just like her father. Although he almost passes out from his cold he convinces her to make amends with her father and return to the mansion. At the end of Golden Week, Subaru thanks Kinjirō in embarrassment. Kanade notes her surprise that Subaru wouldn't thank anyone but her and, after stating that he wasn't such a chicken anymore, kisses Kinjirō.

Original airdateEdit

July 28, 2011.