'Hic' is the 11th episode of Mayo Chiki!


It is the start of the new semester and Subaru still has Kinjirō in her mind. She fetches Kinjirō and is nearly hit with Masamune's scooter in the process. Kanade brings a delicious lunch and shares it with Kinjirō and Subaru. After eating, Subaru becomes slightly drunk because of the wine mixed in with the food. Kanade puts some sauce onto Kinjiro's neck, forcing Subaru to lick it. Kanade begins to experience an episode of hiccups and they head to the clinic. Subaru, back to her normal self, informs Kinjirō that Kanade's hiccups cause major chaos in their family but it also makes her attractive. Kanade adds that her hiccups are her constant weakness, and tells Subaru to get her tools for her hiccup treatment. Kanade attempts to make love with Kinjirō but he pushes her away, running out from the clinic and bumps Subaru. Kanade leaves the clinic with a smile, together with Subaru and Kinjirō, until suddenly she falls down the stairs and Subaru fails to save her. At the hospital, Kanade recovers from an ankle injury and Subaru feels that she is responsible for Kanade's injury. While Kinjirō comforts Subaru, Nagare tells Subaru that she is now relieved from her duties as a butler but Kanade insists Subaru must stay on her side and will convince her father. Subaru leaves and Kinjirō follows until they meet up on the overpass. Subaru thanks Kinjirō with a kiss but Kinjirō has a nosebleed and passes out.

Original airdateEdit

September 15, 2011.

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