'Please Fondle It' is the 13th episode of Mayo Chiki!


After Kinjirō finds a "BL" magazine inside of his secret stash of magazines located under his bed, The story of how it got there begins to unfold. The start of this episode begins with Nakuru showing up unexpectedly at Kinjirō's house. After a short confrontation at the door, Nakuru lets slip that she was in Kinjirō's bed the previous night. Kinjirō inquires leading into a series of flash back scenes from Nakuru's point of view. In the first Scene we witness an unknown figure from on top of an adjacent building taking a photo of Subaru while she's in the bath. Seeing a flash from on top of that building, Subaru gives chase in order to protect her identity, as a male, and to discover who the photographer is. Discovering it was Nakuru, Subaru avoids inflicting serious injuries. The second scene takes place in a small cafe' where Subaru finds out the picture was to foggy to reveal her Secret. Subaru is told by Nakuru that the photo was to be sold in order to help publish her "BL" short stories. Kanade has joined them by this time and donates some pictures to Nakuru's cause. Needing help with putting the "BL" stories together, Nakuru asks Kureha and Usami for help. Nakuru offers Kureha pictures of Subaru for payment. Kureha offers a favor for these photo's allowing Nakuru into Kinjirō's room. (Hence the BL MAG). Nakuru reveals that she is hidding a secret. In the next flash back, Kureha and Masamune go under cover following Nakuru. Nakuru eventually attempt to tell Kureha and Masamune, but fails. This act leads us out of the flash backs with Nakuru and Kinjirō standing on the threshold of Kinjirō's house. Nakuru then ask's Kinjirō on a date. Kinjirō obliges and they go to a beach front board walk where Nakuru reveals to Kinjirō she has a complex with her breasts because of the confession from earlier. Kinjirō informs Nakuru that is not all that a man looks for in a woman. Nakuru then asks Kinjirō to help her with her complex, he unwillingly agrees.

Original airdateEdit

September 29, 2011.

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