"The First Time" is the 8th episode of mayo Chiki!


Kinjirō is having trouble sleeping because of all the females around him and he takes a bath in the hot spring to calm himself however it is shown that Subaru was already using it in order to conceal her gender. Nagare ends up walking in as well, forcing Kinjiro to hide behind Subaru. Nagare and Subaru exchange some civil, though hostile, talk where Nagare demands to know what his daughter's relationship with him is, to which Kinjirō insists that they were nothing more then good friends (something which irritates Subaru). As Nagare leaves he ends up finding Subaru’s underwear and deduces that she bathed with Kinjirō causing him to attack him in a frenzy only to be knocked out by Subaru, but this ends up exposing herself to Kinjirō prompting her to knock him out as well. The next day, where neither Kinjirō or Nagare remember what happened, everyone goes down to the summer festival, with Subaru once again pretending to be “Punyuru Takanashi”, but Subaru ends up disappearing halfway through. Kinjirō is directed to the Takanashi family grave where it is revealed that it was anniversary of Subaru’s mother’s death; the reason that they ran away was so that Subaru could visit the grave. Kinjirō finds Subaru who explains that her mother had always worried about her as she could never make any friends as a child, Kinjirō lays in Subaru's arms as he comforts her and asks to be introduced to her mother. Later, everyone enters a paint ball contest where the winner gets a kiss from Subaru/Punyuru, the winner of an earlier beauty contest. Kinjirō tries hard to win but ends up getting knocked out by Kanade. When he comes to he is lying on Subaru’s lap and the two watch the fireworks together at the end of the festival. Subaru notes that summer vacation was almost over and they would have to go back to school soon. Kinjirō complains that the next semester would be hard on him but adds that he was already used to it, citing it as their everyday life and claiming that he and Subaru were friends forever. Subaru however refuses saying that she didn’t want to be “just” friends with Kinjirō.

Original Air DateEdit

August 25, 2011.

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