Kanade Suzutsuki







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High School Student

First Appearance

Chapter 1 Episode 1

Voice Actress JP

Eri Kitamura

Voice Actress ENG

Carli Mosier

Kanade Suzutsuki (涼月 奏 Suzutsuki Kanade) is the single daughter of the high school's principal, who, on the outside, behaves well like a rich man's daughter. On the inside, she is revealed to be quite sadistic and threatens Kinjirō Sakamachi on his greatest fear and using his gynophobia to make him suffer. She is shown to enjoy tormenting and teasing Kinjirō by using his gynophobia against him.

However, she did give thoughts about finding a way to cure his gynophobia although her methods to do so are generally overly complicated or humiliate him in some way and she does not deny that she finds them amusing. She notes that Kinjirō is the first, and only, man who is willing to talk her down and she has "fallen in love" with him as a result. She Kissed Kinjirō, and said that was her first kiss. Her "weakness" as she calls it, are incredibly cute hiccups, by adding the word "Nyu" at the end of most of her sentences. Most men are extremely attracted to her when she hiccups, putting them in a state of uncontrollable lust for her.

She is the Master of Subaru Konoe and she states that she was her first love, implying she is bisexual. She often likes to tease her and embarrass her in front of Kinjirō. She also has fun tormenting Usami Masamune by calling her "Usagi" (Rabbit). In the manga, Kinjirou and Usami become her house servants along with Subaru Konoe.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name Kanade means "play music, complete" (奏).
  • Kanade's surname Suzutsuki means "cool" (涼) (suzu) and "moon" (月) (tsuki).
  • Suzutsuki claims to have feelings for Kinjirō Sakamachi.
    • This is evident by many things throughout the series and even verbally expressed by her after their first kiss. Considering her manipulative & mischievous personality, however, it is unknown if she truly has feelings or they're just more extensive forms of her sadism.
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