"Let's Start a War" is the 6th episode of Mayo Chiki!


It was the day of the school festival and Kinjirō and Masamune go through with their “fake date”. As they are eating lunch, Masamune offers to make Kinjirō lunch tomorrow as thanks for helping her. As he is about to agree, they are interrupted by a jealous Subaru who declares that she would be watching them for the remainder of the festival. As a result Subaru ends up following them everywhere while she and Masamune fight over Kinjirō, who is on the verge of fainting because of his gynophobia, which is exacerbated by the fact that Subaru was wearing a Qipao (due to Subaru’s class doing a cross-dressing cafe). However, they are drawn into an animal café by a mascot “Lost Sheep” where they meet Kureha who is revealed to be on (one-sided) friendly terms with Masamune. Masamune reveals to Kinjirō that she was jealous of the fact that Kureha could express herself so freely and was close to her family, she abruptly tells Kinjirō that he could leave stating that she could see he wasn’t having fun with her. Kinjirō however, is drawn outside by the lost sheep mascot who explains her name was Nakuru Narumi and she was the chairwoman of the "Let's warmly protect Subaru-Sama comittee" and is aware of Masamune’s plot to undermine the committee and claims that her promise to get the S4 to leave him alone was a lie which is confirmed by Masamune who immediately leaves upset. Subaru demands an explanation and Kinjirō explains how her two fan clubs are at war with him stuck in the middle. Nakuru brings Kinjirō and Subaru to the meeting between the two clubs but they end up blowing their cover when it is revealed that Kanade was in fact a member of the S4. The war turns out to be a cult quiz about Subaru with the last question being who was Subaru’s first kiss. At Kinjirō’s urging, Konoe reluctantly reveals that it was in fact Kinjirō (much to his shock) after she kissed him on impulse at the pool while he was unconscious. Later Kanade reveals that Masamune had quit the S4 just before the quiz. Kinjirō finds Masamune on top of the roof where she narrates that the reason she found Subaru interesting was because “he” seemed like her; cold, aloof and alone, but changed when “he” met Kinjirō so she wanted to see what it was about him that was special and could maybe change her as well. Though she tries to leave she is stopped by Kinjirō who drags her along to Subaru and Kanade and introduces her as his friend. Subaru, after having everything explained to her by Kanade, also agrees to becomes friends with her. Later, Kinjirō confides his gynophobia with Masamune who decides that her first course as his friend was to help him cure it.

Original airdateEdit

August 11, 2011.